Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s)

Many properties have or have had at one time an Underground Storage Tank which stored home heating oil. Many of these tanks begin to leak over time. The leaks can go unnoticed for many years all while contaminating the soil beneath with harmful petroleum. It is the responsibility of the home owner to pay for any contamination clean-up for properties impacted by their tank. Always search for and test before purchasing any piece of real estate.

Soil can harbor a wide array of contaminants including but not limited to:

Soil Nutrient Analysis

Planning on starting a garden? Have a problem area where vegetation will not thrive? Our soil nutrient analysis testing can help identify any imbalances in your soils fertility properties. Sometimes a simple, quick fix can help you maintain a beautiful garden or vegetative landscape.


Properties with lead based painted windows or properties located near major roadways and thoroughfares built prior to 1978 have an increased chance for the presence of lead in the soil. Always test any areas of exposed soil of target properties prior to a real estate purchase

Our Soil Testing Services Include

Our mold experts have performed thousands of inspections. We are qualified to identify, sample and help correct any mold issues your home or business may encounter. Call us now!